241 CAD files of metropolitan areas, for architectural and urban planning applications.
These .DXF files are prepared for use in programs such as AutoCAD and Rhinoceros.

How to Use

Choose "meters" as the unit of measurement when importing these files. Models are two-dimensional and organized into 8 feature layers:

CAD preview Central Park in new-york.dxf
Roads preview
major highways
major roads
minor roads
Buildings preview
Railways preview
Parks preview
parks, stadia, marinas, gardens...
Water preview
rivers and lakes
sea level 0m

If you're using AutoCAD 2014 and having trouble seeing the models after opening them, find these options in the top-left of your view:
[-][Top][2D Wireframe]
Click [Top], and then 'Top' to change the view to the correct location.


Files are derived from OpenStreetMap, a free, collaboratively edited document of the built environment, and distributed under the Open Database License.
Improve these files by contributing your knowledge to OSM.
Data and web page are based off work by Mapzen and Michal Migurski's Extractotron.
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